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budget-sur-vatBoredom is a word which does not exist in Suriname. Paramaribo has a small-scaled, but sparkling nightlife. And outside the city there are several recreational areas where you can spend a lovely time.
In the heart of the city or deep in the country; great or tight budget; luxurious or simple; for each traveller who seeks accomodation, there is always a suitable spot. Hospitality has always been a high priority for Suriname. A warm welcome is thus obvious.

budget-sur-brugIt is worth to make an excursion through small Paramaribo with a population of hardly 200,000 inhabitants to admire the art. In paramaribo there are galeries, open studios, institutes for fine arts and other places where visitors are most welcome to examine and buy art work.
Most of the in Suriname living and working artists are associated with the "Federation of Visual Artists in Suriname" FVAS "shortened. Also art-promotors and galeries have been associated as extraordinary members of the FVAS.

budget-sur-bergThe still untouched nature of Suriname is an experience you don't want to miss. Several tour-operators offer the possibility to explore every asset of Suriname under expert supervision: the unique cultural fusion, the captivating history and superb nature.
So many cultures, so many kinds food: the best from all over the world have met in the Surinamese cuisine. There is no better way for a Surinamese to show hospitality than with a tasty meal.

So come and have a great time with us in Suriname