Wij zullen niet proberen de destinatie Suriname aan u te verkopen, maar dit is wat de experts van te zeggen hebben:

"Suriname is a warm, dense convergence of rivers that thumps with the lively rhythm of ethnic diversity. From Paramaribo, the country's effervescent Dutch-colonial capital, to the fathomless jungles of the interior, you'll get a genuine welcome to this tiny country – whether from the descendants of escaped African slaves, Dutch and British colonialists, Indian, Indonesian and Chinese indentured laborers or indigenous Amerindians.

Paramaribo is loaded with interesting shopping venues, party-hard night spots and exceptional restaurants, while the untamed jungle, just a few hours away by road or boat, is utterly away from modern development. It's relatively easy to get around this river-heavy, forest-dense country. The mix of languages can make communications interesting, but there is almost always someone around who speaks some English. Don't forget that a meeting of culinary traditions means the food here is as spicy and rich as the country itself".

Budget Suriname is een trots lid van de (SHATA). Wij kennen de wegen heel goed, want wij zijn zelf ook fervente reizigers in ons eigen land. Wij delen graag de geheime plekjes van Suriname met u. 

Kom dus naar Suriname en geniet met ons van dit bijzondere land! 

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